New Content ItemDesign and Facilitation of Video-Based Professional Development Programs

With the increase in professional development (PD) programs that use video as a means for supporting teachers’ learning and instructional improvement, there is now interest in understanding the thinking and decision making that occur behind the scenes in facilitators’/designers’ minds as they plan and lead PD that capitalizes on the power of video.

Edited by: Miray Tekkumru-Kisa and Mary Kay Stein
Collection published: 25 November 2017

Research on STEM practices in education: International perspectives

This thematic series brings together the work of scholars from around the world to investigate the trends in STEM education research in terms of coverage of STEM practices and to illustrate how STEM practices can be made a component of STEM instruction. 

Edited by: Prof Sibel Erduran
Collection published: 16 February 2015

Available soon

Advances from the Office of Naval Research STEM Grand Challenge: Expanding the Boundaries of Intelligent Tutoring Systems

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) STEM Grand Challenge was a competition between four top teams working on Intelligent Tutoring Systems to push the boundaries of STEM education using computers. This collection will highlight the high quality systems and research produced under this challenge.

Edited by: Scotty D. Craig, Arthur C. Graesser, and Ray S. Perez

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