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Table 4 Example items from STEM-ID interview protocols

From: Exploring critical components of an integrated STEM curriculum: an application of the innovation implementation framework

InstrumentCritical componentItem
Teacher interview protocol3. Teacher facilitation of the engineering design process (EDP)How have you helped students’ progress through the engineering design process?
Are there any specific strategies you have used to stimulate student engagement in the EDP?
Are there particular stages of the EDP that have been more challenging than others for you to facilitate?
5. Teacher facilitates integration of math/science and engineeringTell me about your approach to incorporating math and science.
Have you been able to integrate math and science as you have implemented STEM-ID?
Did you introduce additional connections to math/science? If yes: can you share examples?
2. Utilization of curriculum materialsHow did you use the teacher’s edition (TE)?
Were there any parts of the TE that you did not use?
How often did you refer to the TE as you were implementing STEM-ID?
Student interview protocol3. Student engagement engineering design processTell me about the process you went through to solve the ________design challenge. What were some of your steps along the way
10. Students engage in collaborative group workDid you work in groups? (If yes):
What was your main role in the group?
Did you feel comfortable sharing your ideas when you were working in your group? Why or why not?
Was there a time your group disagreed? How did you resolve those disagreements?
6. Students apply math/science knowledge and skillsDid you feel like you use math/science in the design challenges you did in STEM-ID?
(If yes) How did you use math/science? Can you share an example?