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Table 3 Examples of each scientific practice type in the scientific sensemaking assessments

From: Predicting pathways to optional summer science experiences by socioeconomic status and the impact on science attitudes and skills

Scientific practice type Example
Generating scientific questions Dr. Anita Perez wants to do a clinical trial to find out if a new pill that might cure lung cancer also makes people vomit. Which research question would best help her study this problem?
Understanding nature of science Scientists studying monkeys sometimes change their explanations. Why?
Designing experiments Mae is wondering which bald eagle in the zoo has the most tail feathers. What is the best evidence she could get to answer her question?
Weighing potential mechanisms Whose reasoning for why the eagle population increased is more scientific?
Justifying/refuting arguments Whose idea about how scientists proved eagles were killed by DDT is more scientific?
Analyzing evidence Which sections of the graph best show how hunting affected the eagle population?
Understanding scientific models Brian says monkeys that get at least 5 pounds of food have enough to sleep through the night. Which piece of evidence in the graph makes Brian think this is true?