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Table 4 Standardized regression coefficients (CFA) for the engagement interest items

From: Person-centered analysis of factors related to STEM students’ global awareness

Latent variable Items Regression coefficients
Intentional interest-effortful Q19. Rate your level of interest in attending a free workshop on global awareness. .840
  Q22. A renowned global awareness specialist will give a workshop on “issues with intercultural communication in multinational organization” at your institution. Rate your level of interest in attending this workshop. .911
  Q20. Rate your level of willingness to take an elective course in order to improve your global awareness. .724
  Q23. A cross-cultural dinner is being held on campus featuring food and music from different parts of the world, and it is free to attend. Rate your likelihood of attending the event. .580
Intentional interest-easy Q25. While you are browsing a news website, you have spotted an article entitled “Economic Problems in Europe.” Rate your likelihood of reading this article. .743
  Q26. How likely are you to follow, on your own, current news about terrorism in the world today? .550
  Q21. Rate your level of interest in reading literature about global issues. .834
  1. p < 0.001 for all items