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Table 3 Research questions aligned with interview questions

From: Identity evolution of STEM teachers in Egyptian STEM schools in a time of transition: a case study

Research questions Sample interview questions
How did the political and structural characteristics of the STEM schools and teachers developing STEM identities interact and co-evolve? 1- How can you describe your journey in the STEM school: academically, professionally, and personally?
2- In what ways were STEM teachers in Egypt’s model STEM schools involved in designing STEM curricula?
3- Have you been part of curriculum development in your subject area and/or the capstone?
4- Describe your role in the curriculum development, if at all.
5- What challenges and/or successes did they have while implementing STEM-integrated curriculum?
How has Egyptian STEM teachers’ identity evolved over the course of the STEM experience in two model STEM schools in Egypt? 6- How can you compare yourself professionally now and before joining STEM school?
7- What is your philosophy of teaching?
8- What is STEM from your point of view? What comes to your mind when you hear the word STEM?
9- How did it (philosophy of teaching) align with your conceptualization with STEM?
What do Egyptian STEM teachers identify as being important characteristics of STEM teachers? 10- How do you identify yourself as a STEM teacher?
11- What do you think are important characteristics of a STEM teacher?