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Table 4 Students’ interest towards study fields

From: Students’ reasons for STEM choices and the relationship of mathematics choice to university admission

Study fieldInterest 
 MSDMSDt (df = 792)
Arts and Culture2.091.222.521.39− 4.52***
Humanities2.631.143.081.18− 5.38***
Social Sciences2.891.152.651.222.81**
Economics, Administration, Law3.131.172.751.344.29***
Natural Sciences3.001.222.691.323.39**
Information Technology, IT Communication2.961.131.82.9815.07***
Agriculture, Forestry2.***
Medicine2.981.343.181.43− 2.05*
Health and wellbeing2.761.173.491.23− 8.19***
Service sector2.481.092.961.16− 5.79***
Education2.201.072.931.22− 8.65***
  1. p < 0.05; **p < 0.01; ***p < 0.001