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Table 6 Correlations between STEM attitudes and SEL/twenty-first-century skills reported on CIS-S

From: From quality to outcomes: a national study of afterschool STEM programming

STEM attitudes
 1. STEM engagement        
 2. STEM career interest.851       
 3. STEM career knowledge.773.740      
 4. STEM activity participation.720.632.783     
 5. STEM identity.871.834.844.787    
SEL/twenty-first-century skills
 6. Critical thinking.759.740.559.430.613   
 7. Perseverance.673.697.562.423.593.858  
 8. Relationships with adults.631.620.526.481.542.764.783 
 9. Relationships with peers.450.539.398.319.373.649.645.715
  1. Note: Correlations between all scales are positive and significant at p < 0.001 (and for all scales, n = 1599, df = 1597). Coefficients printed in italics have large effect sizes (r > 0.5). Correlations are based on CIS-S retrospective-post scores, which represent average ratings of students’ thoughts and feelings “at this time,” meaning the end of programming. SEL social-emotional learning