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Table 2 Examples of student-created VIX teams

From: Vigilante Innovation (VIX): case study on the development of student skills through a team-based design process and environment

Name # Students Description Category
Furniche Too 5 Sturdy, comfortable, and inexpensive collapsible furniture that easily fits in college students’ dorm rooms Art/Design
Mr. Cricket’s Protein Bars 3 A protein bar for Eosinophilic Esophagitis sufferers that provides a safe and delicious source of nutrition Food
Mutation by Design 5 Quantify DNA damage using various biochemical methods as a basis for assaying the effects of the REP algorithm Science
Sleep Smart 4 Custom weighted blankets safe for children Consumer Product
Sourced Local 5 Doing business the local way Community
Swyft Health 5 eHealth methods for disease surveillance Health
VU Spaces 4 A minimal, simple, and cost-effective sensor that can monitor open spots in campus study spaces Technology
Xen 3 Microtonal music has a high barrier of entry, so we’d like to make it easy to learn and understand Education