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Table 3 The practice–theory framework of teachers-as-learners’ questions

From: Toward narrowing the theory–practice gap: characterizing evidence from in-service biology teachers’ questions asked during an academic course

Category Description Examplea
Practice Focus on acts and behaviors in class, not relating to theory How can one increase the level of interest in class?
Theory Focus on theory, without any relation to practice Is there a connection between question-asking and academic achievements?
Practice and theory Connecting theory and teachers’/students’ acts Good questions are based on knowledge. What happens when the student does not have enough (prior) knowledge?
Practice vs. theory Confronting their practice with the educational theory learned When learning is based on question-asking, how can one plan to teach all of the required material?
  1. aAll examples were taken from the second planning assignment that dealt with students’ questions as a means of increasing their interest in biology