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Table 6 Instructor characteristics for sample study

From: A method for analyzing instructors’ purposeful modifications to research-based instructional strategies

Instructora Residential status Student to instructor ratio Physics teaching experience SCALE-UP mode experience Public/Private
A Residential 10.6 (low) 1 year (low) 1 year (low) Private
B Residential 26 (high) 7 years (low) 4 years (high) Public
C Non-residential 17.8 (low) 30 years (high) 10 years (high) Public
D Non-residential 33 (high) 20 years (high) 2 years (low) Public
  1. aWe refer to the instructors by generic identifiers to mask their identity and the identity of their institution. We chose not to use pseudonyms as we did not ask the instructors to generate pseudonyms, and we do not want to decide for the instructors what aspects of their identity to include in the pseudonym