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Table 1 Summary of coding scheme used for belonging explanations. Each code is defined for students who had or lacked the reason described

From: Race and gender differences in how sense of belonging influences decisions to major in STEM

Code Reason for belonging Reason for not belonging
Interpersonal relationships Feels socially connected with peers and/or faculty members. May share common interests with peers. Lacks a social connection with peers. Feels socially different, does not fit in.
Science identity Science is a part of their identity as a person. Lacks a personal connection to the major or material.
Personal interest Expresses personal interest in course subject or major. Explicit lack of interest. May find the material boring or unrelated to their reason for choosing their major.
Competence Feels like they understand major-related material or receives good grades in major-related courses. Feels like they do not understand major-related material well or receives poor grades in major-related courses.