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Table 2 Lessons in Chapter 1: division of 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers

From: Teachers’ use of classroom assessment techniques in primary mathematics education—an explorative study with six Chinese teachers

Lesson Type of lesson Type of division problem Example problem
Horizontal notation Vertical notation
1 New 3-digit divided by 1-digit with 3-digit quotient 600÷3=200
2 New 3-digit divided by 1-digit with 2-digit quotient  
3 Review (Lesson 1–2)
4 New ‘0’ in dividend (and quotient) 0÷3=0
5 New ‘0’ only in quotient  
6 New Two-step division problem There are two bookshelves with four layers. Suppose there are 224 books in total.
How many books are there on one layer?
7 Review (Lesson 4–6)
8 Review (whole chapter)