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Table 1 Study participants

From: Challenging instructors to change: a mixed methods investigation on the effects of material development on the pedagogical beliefs of geoscience instructors

Pseudonym Post-secondary teaching experience (years) Institution type
Beth 16 Private, bachelors
Amy 13 Community college
Jackie 13 Public, masters
Rachel 7 Community college
Ellen 10 Private, bachelors
Karen 9 Public university, doctoral
Hilary 13 Community college
Mark 13 Community college
Sandy 25 Private, bachelors
Tyler 5 Public, bachelors
Mandy 12 Public, bachelors
Linda 13 Private, doctoral
John 11 Public university, doctoral
Becky 24 Private university, doctoral
Tammy 11 Public, masters
Lori 2 Private, bachelors
Nicole 6 Community college
Anne 3 Public university, doctoral
Adam 8 Community college
Lauren 32 Community college
Henry 10 Community college
  1. List of all 21 participants in the study, their post-secondary teaching experience in years, and the type of institution