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Table 1 Learning assessment results from a sample of n= 146

From: Meteorology meets engineering: an interdisciplinary STEM module for middle and early secondary school students

Question Pre-STEM score Post-STEM score
What regions of the world typically have the most thunderstorms? 36.3% 84.2%
What regions of the world typically have the most tornadoes? 41.8% 80.1%
What part of a house do you consider to be the most structurally vulnerable during the high winds of a tornado? a. Walls, b. Roof, c. Bathroom, d. Doors, e. Basement 68.5% 83.6%
What is something that can be done to a house's structure to make it better resistant to tornado damage? a. Open windows as a tornado approaches, b. Tie walls and joints to reduce load, c. Decrease roof slope to allow winds to pass over at higher speeds, d. Install garage door, e. Remove ties between house and its foundation 30.8% 90.4%
  1. Maximum score for each question was 100%.