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Table 1 Summary of the data collection for each research question

From: Institutionalizing evidence-based STEM reform through faculty professional development and support structures

Research question Data source Collection timeline and observations
RQ1 Faculty Scholar application materials 30 applications (28 individual, 2 group applications)—all cohorts (2012–2021)
RQ2 Faculty Scholar COPUS classroom observations 14 Faculty Scholars observed more than one time (cohorts 2013–2019) during first year of implementation
ChIPP survey 16 Faculty Scholar respondents (cohorts 2012–2016)—during or after implementation phase
Student institutional data Data from students in Faculty Scholars CISL course before and after course transformation (Fall 2008–Spring 2021)
Faculty Scholars interviews 14 Faculty Scholar interviews (2011–2019 cohorts)*
RQ3 Faculty Scholars interviews *Same as RQ2
Administrator interviews 10 administrator interviews (8 in 2015, and 2 in 2018)
Survey administered to Faculty Scholars 39 Faculty Scholars respondents, all cohorts (2012–2021)