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Table 3 Top 10 most-accessed articles in 2020

From: Seven years of development as building a foundation for the journal’s leadership in promoting STEM education internationally

Title (year of publication) Author(s) Country*
Teachers’ roles and identities in student-centered classrooms (2018) L. S. Keiler U.S.A
A conceptual framework for integrated STEM education (2016) T. R. Kelley et al. U.S.A
Teachers’ perception of STEM integration and education: a systematic literature review (2019) K. C. Margot et al. U.S.A
Multiple-true–false questions reveal more thoroughly the complexity of student thinking than multiple-choice questions: a Bayesian item response model comparison (2019) C. E. Brassil et al. U.S.A
Research and trends in STEM education: a systematic review of journal publications (2020) Y. Li et al. U.S.A
A study of the correlation between STEM career knowledge, mathematics self-efficacy, career interests, and career activities on the likelihood of pursuing a STEM career among middle school students (2018) K. A. Blotnicky et al. Canada
Problematizing teaching and learning mathematics as “given” in STEM education (2019) Y. Li & A. H. Schoenfeld U.S.A
Students’ perceptions of STEM learning after participating in a summer informal learning experience (2018) T. Roberts et al. U.S.A
STEM education K-12: perspectives on integration (2016) L. D. English Australia
Making sense of “STEM education” in K-12 contexts (2018) T. D. Holmlund et al. U.S.A
  1. *Country/region refers to where the corresponding author’s research organization or institution was located at the time of publication