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Table 2 Top 10 most-cited articles published in 2020*

From: Seven years of development as building a foundation for the journal’s leadership in promoting STEM education internationally

Title Author(s) Country/Region**
Research and trends in STEM education: a systematic review of journal publications Y. Li et al. U.S.A
Evidence of STEM enactment effectiveness in Asian student learning outcomes B. Wahono et al. Taiwan
Conceptual framework of STEM based on Japanese subject principles C. Yata et al. Japan
Increasing high school teachers self-efficacy for integrated STEM instruction through a collaborative community of practice T. R. Kelley et al. U.S.A
Rubrics to assess critical thinking and information processing in undergraduate STEM courses G. Reynders et al. U.S.A
Fostering computational thinking through educational robotics: a model for creative computational problem solving M. Chevalier et al. Switzerland
Integrating science and engineering practices: outcomes from a collaborative professional development B. R. Brand U.S.A
Research and trends in STEM education: a systematic analysis of publicly funded projects Y. Li et al. U.S.A
Reviewing assessment of student learning in interdisciplinary STEM education X. Gao et al. China
Boundary crossing pedagogy in STEM education A. Leung Hong Kong
  1. *Based on citation counts that were retrieved from Springer Nature Insights/Dimensions in early Oct, 2021
  2. **Country/region refers to where the corresponding author’s research organization or institution was located at the time of publication