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Table 7 The theoretically possible combinations of TxOTL codes

From: The Taxonomy of Opportunities to Learn (TxOTL): a tool for understanding the learning potential and substance of interactions in faculty (online) learning community meetings

Concept development Communicative approach Meeting segment category
No N/A Social Chit-Chat
  Mono, low interanimation, or Meta
  high interanimation Logistics
  interactive or non-interactive Status Update
   Generating Detailed Description and Explanations for Pedagogical Problem
   Generating Solutions to problem without why
   Generating Solutions to problem with why
Yes High interanimation Developing a Pedagogical Concept
  interactive or non-interactive  
  1. Concept development requires that a high interanimation communicative approach is used; however, high interanimation can occur when there is no concept development. For example, participants can compare and contrast lived concepts (such as their experience with a teaching issue), without discussing a formal concept. We do not code Social Chit-Chat segments for communicative approach (as explained in “Analytic approach” section)