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Table 1 Summary of the versions of the TxOTL and the FOLC meetings on which each version was tested

From: The Taxonomy of Opportunities to Learn (TxOTL): a tool for understanding the learning potential and substance of interactions in faculty (online) learning community meetings

Version FOLC meetings applied
V 1.0 (Horn et al. 2017) 1 NextGenPET FOLC meeting (meeting A)
V 1.1 3 NextGenPET FOLC meetings (meetings B–D)
V 1.2 (first complete version) 2 NFW-FOLC meetings
V 1.3 2 NextGenPET FOLC meetings (meetings A and B)
V 2.0 (second complete version) 0 FOLC meetings; feedback gathered from member-checking interviews
V 2.1 (final version) N/A