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Table 1 Study participants’ demographics and project descriptions

From: Students’ implicit epistemologies when working at the intersection of engineering and the arts

Participant Major and year Gender Ethnicity Project description
Paul Senior, digital culture major Male Caucasian An EEG headband that records brain activity and sonifies them using granular synthesis to novel audio to be listened to
Dakoa Junior, digital culture major Female Native American A motion reactive system where movement triggered audio effects and sounds which correspondingly trigger lights and visualizations
Sara Senior, digital culture major Female Caucasian An interactive floor installation consisting of squares that light up with LEDs and display visual information
Maria Senior, digital culture major Female Hispanic (Mexican) A 2D animation visualizing endangered animals to help raise public awareness of these issues
Anna Senior, computer science major, minor in digital culture Female Indian and Swedish An augmented reality application that emulates the game “Battleship” to be played on a tabletop with markers
Miranda Senior, digital culture major Female Hispanic Two projects: (1) an art piece about virtual/online dating (not fully realized) and (2) an interactive room installation consisting of projected videos and microphones that pick up words visitors say and change the projected videos based on this input