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Table 3 Example items from STEM-ID observation protocol

From: Exploring critical components of an integrated STEM curriculum: an application of the innovation implementation framework

Critical componentItem
4. Student engagement in engineering design processSelect stage(s) of the EDP students engaged in during the class session.
 □ Identify the problem
 □ Understand design requirements and goals (background research)
 □ Ideate (brainstorm design ideas, sketch to communicate)
 □ Evaluate (strengths/weaknesses, rate designs, design selection)
 □ Prototype and test (technical drawings, models, tests)
 □ Communicate solution (share, justify design, documentation).
 □ None. Students did not engage in EDP.
Engineering design process notes:
6. Students apply math/science knowledge and skillsSelect math/science integration activities students engaged in during the class session.
 □ Math–measurement
 □ Math–data analysis
 □ Science–experimental procedures
 □ Math concepts–students or teachers reference math concept(s).
 □ Science concepts–students or teacher reference science concepts.
Note specific concepts, vocabulary, practices:
7/8. Use of advanced manufacturing technologySelect any advanced manufacturing technology utilized by the students or teacher during this class session.
 □ 3D printing
 □ Iron CAD
 □ Robotics
 □ Other (describe below).
Advanced manufacturing technology notes: