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Table 2 STEM-ID critical components

From: Exploring critical components of an integrated STEM curriculum: an application of the innovation implementation framework

Structural Components
Structural—procedural componentStructural—educative component
 1. Course organized according to contextualized problem-based challenges.2. Utilization of curriculum materials including
teachers’ edition, materials and supplies related to design challenges, challenge overviews, information on related math and science standards, instructions for preparing and utilizing technology (3D printers, LEGO Robotics, CAD software), digital Engineering Design Logs
Interactional components
Component areaTeachersStudents
 Engineering design process3. Teacher facilitates student engagement in the engineering design process4. Students engage in the engineering design process
 Math/science integration5. Teacher facilitates integration of math/science and engineering6. Students apply Math/Science content and skills
 Advanced manufacturing technology7. Teacher facilitates utilization of advanced manufacturing technology8. Students use advanced manufacturing technology
 Collaborative group work9. Teacher facilitates collaborative group work10. Students engage in collaborative group work