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Table 3 Demographics of faculty participants

From: Analyzing a faculty online learning community as a mechanism for supporting faculty implementation of a guided-inquiry curriculum

Race and ethnicity
 White 86%
 Asian/Asian American 12%
 Black, African, or African American 2%
 Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin 2%
Gender identity
 Female/Male 50%/50%
 Cisgender 7%
Sexual identity
 Heterosexual/straight 98%
 Bisexual 2%
Disability/ability status
 Do not identify with disability or impairment 71%
 Sensory Impairment (vision or hearing) 14%
 Mental health disorder 7%
 Learning disability (e.g., ADHD, dyslexia) 5%
 Mobility impairment 2%
 Temporary impairment due to illness/injury 2%
  1. Information collected through a demographics survey administered to participants in December 2019. There were 42 responses to the survey (85% of participants)