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Table 2 Institutional context of faculty participating in the Next Gen PET FOLC

From: Analyzing a faculty online learning community as a mechanism for supporting faculty implementation of a guided-inquiry curriculum

Institution type (n = 55)
 Masters granting 60%
 Doctoral granting 27%
 Two-year college 7%
 Primarily undergraduate 5%
 Public 76%
Departmental affiliation (n = 42)
 Physics/Physics & Astronomy 67%
 Natural or Physical Science 29%
 Education/Science Education 29%
 Both a science department and education 24%
  1. Institution type information was obtained from public sources for the 55 total participants. (The community has a total of 50 current members, but 5 of the original members had to drop out and were replaced by 5 new members.) Departmental affiliation was collected via a demographics survey administered to participants in December 2019. There were 42 responses to the survey (85% of participants)