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Table 1 Survey items within each type of optional summer science experience

From: Predicting pathways to optional summer science experiences by socioeconomic status and the impact on science attitudes and skills

Home-related Nature-related STEM camps
I did science experiments or activities at home. I collected rocks, butterflies, bugs, or other things in nature. I went to a science camp.
I visited a zoo, science museum, or science center. I took care of a garden. I went to a camp about making or engineering.
I watched TV programs about science topics (like Discovery Channel, MythBusters, Bill Nye, Sports Science, etc.). I spent time in nature (woods/fields/water). I went to a computer programming camp.
I read books about science or science fiction.   
I built or took things apart (like motors, computers, clocks, etc.)   
I went to science websites to look up information.