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Table 3 CFA standardized regression coefficients for the engagement interest items (p < 0.001 for all items)

From: Person-centered analysis of factors related to STEM students’ global awareness

Latent variable Items Regression coefficients
Engagement interest-casual Q3. Read an online article about global issues. .74
  Q9. Performed a web search to learn about global awareness/issues. .81
  Q5. Had a conversation with your friends about global issues. .71
  Q4. Read a newspaper/magazine article about global issues. .60
  Q6. Watched a video clip or foreign film outside of classwork about global awareness/issues. .70
Engagement interest-deliberate Q11. Attended a cultural dinner or event on campus. .54
  Q12. Coordinated or taken part in a fundraiser for a global issue. .59
  Q1. Attended a seminar or speaker event about global awareness/issues. .72
  Q8. Asked questions to a professor about global awareness/issues. .61
  Q2. Read a book about global awareness/issues. .63