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Table 5 Capstones per year per semester aligned with grand challengesa

From: Identity evolution of STEM teachers in Egyptian STEM schools in a time of transition: a case study

Grade10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Semester 1 Semester 1 One capstone per year
 Improve use of arid areas, urban congestion  Clean water, reduction of pollution; recycling; increase industrial base for Egypt  Students choose one of the following:
  1-Medical and public health improvement
  2-Reduction of pollution
  3-Recycling of waste for economic and environmental purposes
  4-Increase and develop agricultural and industrial base for Egypt
Semester 2 Semester 2
 Improve the use of alternative energies  Improve the scientific and technological environment for to increase the industrial and agricultural bases of Egypt
  1. aThese capstone challenges are open for change according to curriculum changes that may occur over the course of implementation and ongoing evaluation