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Table 6 Themes from qualitative responses to questions asked during follow-up luncheon with workshop participants and deans

From: Creating inclusive classrooms by engaging STEM faculty in culturally responsive teaching workshops

Theme Number of responsesa (percent of groupsb indicating particular response)
Classroom practices, teaching strategies, or approaches 16 (55.2%)
Communication/interaction, sharing resources with students 16 (55.2%)
Group work, exercises, or active learning 15 (51.7%)
Awareness or respect of diversity, challenges, biases 10 (34.5%)
Student encouragement, support; availability (includes office hours) 5 (17.2%)
Confidence 4 (13.8%)
Other 4 (13.8%)
  1. aN = 70 total responses to questions
  2. bN = 29 groups for whom responses to questions were coded