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Table 5 Descriptive statistics for survey items probing faculty attitudes about students before and after the workshop

From: Creating inclusive classrooms by engaging STEM faculty in culturally responsive teaching workshops

Statements Pre-survey Post-survey Difference
n Mean SD n Mean SD Z
I recognize that not all students come into my classroom with the same level of preparedness; it is my job to help level the playing field. 110 3.47 0.74 70 3.74 0.53 2.87**
Some students might perform better in my class if I used a different teaching style. 113 3.41 0.66 71 3.66 0.48 3.16**
All students are capable; it is my job as their instructor to ensure that all students have equal opportunity to succeed in my class. 113 3.50 0.78 71 3.76 0.57 2.39*
Some undergraduates are not cut out to be science majors and should be encouraged to leave the major as early as possible. 112 1.88 0.86 70 1.53 0.85 1.99*
  1. **p < 0.01, *p < 0.05 using the Wilcoxon signed-rank test