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Table 3 Map of goals aligned with the corresponding measures and data collected during the study

From: Creating inclusive classrooms by engaging STEM faculty in culturally responsive teaching workshops

Goal Measure(s) Dataa
1. Improve social identity awareness Social identity awareness factor Pre- and post-surveys: 3-item factor
2. Understand barriers to learning in diverse classrooms Barriers to student success factor Pre- and post-surveys: 6-item factor
Faculty attitudes (quantitative survey responses) Pre- and post-surveys: 4 single-item prompts
3. Inspire action to modify teaching practices to support student success Change in teaching practices (quantitative and qualitative survey responses) Post-surveys: 2 single-item prompts (1 closed-ended and 1 open-ended questions)
Feedback from informal group discussion Open-ended discussion prompt given during follow-up meeting
  1. aSee Additional File 1 for a list of all survey questions and the discussion prompt