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Table 3 Top 10 authorship countries/regions for all 798 publications (2000-2018) using the two methods

From: Research and trends in STEM education: a systematic review of journal publications

RankMethod 1aRankMethod 2
CountryScore (%)CountryScores (%)
1USA603 (75.75%)1USA596.28 (74.91%)
2Australia37 (4.65%)2Australia38.29 (4.81%)
3Canada18 (2.26%)3Canada18.42 (2.31%)
4Taiwan14 (1.76%)4Taiwan13.76 (1.73%)
4UK14 (1.76%)5UK12.83 (1.61%)
6Spain12 (1.51%)6Spain12.53 (1.57%)
7Israel9 (1.13%)7South Korea9.55 (1.20%)
7South Korea9 (1.13%)8Turkey9.02 (1.13%)
9Germany8 (1.01%)9Israel8.68 (1.09%)
9Netherlands8 (1.01%)10Netherlands7.69 (0.97%)
9Turkey8 (1.01%)   
  1. aMethod 1 refers to the method where only the corresponding author (or the first author, if no specific indication was provided about the corresponding author) was credited, whereas method 2 refers to the case when all co-authors were credited. The same notations are used in Tables 4 and 5