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Table 1 A total of 45 selected journals and the top 36 with STEM education publications

From: Research and trends in STEM education: a systematic review of journal publications

No.Journal name# of subjects*Start yearOA or not
1African Journal of Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education31997No
2American Educational Research Journal01964No
3British Journal of Educational Technology11970No
4Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education32001No
5Computers & Education11976No
6Educational Technology Research and Development11953No
7Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education32005Yes
8European Journal of Engineering Education11975No
9European Journal of STEM Education42016Yes
10International Journal of Cognitive Research in Science, Engineering and Education22013Yes
11International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology32013Yes
12International Journal of Engineering Education11985No
13International Journal of Innovation in Science & Mathematics Education21997Yes
14International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology31970No
15International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education22003No
16International Journal of Science Education11979No
17International Journal of STEM Education42014Yes
18Journal for STEM Education Research42018No
19Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching31981No
20Journal of Engineering Education11912No
21Journal of Pre-College Engineering Education Research12011Yes
22Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice11956No
23Journal of Research in Science Teaching11963No
24Journal of Research in STEM Education42015Yes
25Journal of Science Education and Technology21992No
26Journal of STEM Education42000Yes
27Journal of STEM Outreach42018Yes
28Journal of STEM Teacher Education41998Yes
29Journal of Technology and Science Education22011Yes
30Research in Science and Technological Education21983No
31School Science and Mathematics21901No
32Science Education11916No
33Technology, Pedagogy and Education11992No
34The Journal of Educational Research01920No
35The STEAM Journal52013No
36World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education22002Yes
(Journals listed below are those that did not have author self-identified STEM education publications)
37Engineering Science and Education Journal (closed in 2002)21992No
38European Journal of Science and Mathematics Education22013Yes
39International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education22004No
40International Journal of Technology and Engineering Education22004Yes
41Mathematics and Computer Education (closed in 2002)21967No
42Teaching Mathematics and Computer Science22003Yes
43Review of Science, Mathematics and ICT Education32007Yes
44Journal of STEAM Education (Non-English)52018No
45Science & Education11992No
  1. *# of subjects refers to the number of disciplines in STEM that are included in a journal’s name. For an education research journal without STEM discipline included, the value of “0” is assigned. For STEAM journals, the value of “5” is assigned