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Table 2 The 14 critical components of an inclusive STEM high school

From: Developing student 21st Century skills in selected exemplary inclusive STEM high schools

STEM high school inventory: 14 critical components (CC)
CC1: college-prep, STEM focused curriculum for allCC6: college level courseworkCC11: dynamic assessment systems for continuous improvement
CC2: reform instructional strategies and project-based learningCC7: well-prepared STEM teachers and professionalized teaching staffCC12: innovative and responsive leadership
CC3: integrated, innovative technology useCC8: inclusive STEM missionCC13: positive school community and culture of high expectations for all
CC4: STEM-rich, informal experiencesCC9: flexible and autonomous administrationCC14: agency and choice
CC5: connections with business, industry and the world of workCC10: supports for underrepresented students