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Table 1 The alignment of 21st century learning components with the 21st century learning design rubrics

From: Developing student 21st Century skills in selected exemplary inclusive STEM high schools

P21 framework for 21st century learning
4C’s—Learning and innovation skillsInformation, media, and technology skillsLife and career skillsKey subjects—3Rs and 21st century themes
Creativity and innovationInformation literacyFlexibility and adaptabilityGlobal awareness
Critical thinking and problem solvingMedia literacyInitiative and self-directionFinancial, economic, business and entrepreneurial literacy
CommunicationICT literacySocial and cross-cultural skillsCivic literacy
Collaboration Productivity and accountabilityHealth literacy
  Leadership and responsibilityEnvironmental literacy
21st century learning design rubrics alignment with P21 framework
Knowledge constructionUse of ICTSelf-regulation 
Real-world problem solving   
Skilled communication