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Table 1 How intervention areas and activities are connected in the program

From: Innovative Professional Development and Community Building Activity Program Improves STEM URM Graduate Student Experiences

Intervention areaa Activity Activity connection to Intervention area
PD Seminars/workshops/informational Student learns several skills and gains awareness
Travel award Student develops oral communication skills
SNFALb Student develops writing communication skills
Annual TAMUS-AGEP Conference Student develops oral communication, leadership, and career development skills
Peer writing groups/support Student develops writing communication skills
Summer retreats Student develops additional skill set, firming professional development skills
Collaborative mini-grants Student develops research collaborative skills by working with faculty from two alliance institutions
SREBc participation selection Student develops teaching skills at College and University levels
CB Welcome back kick-off New students share their ideas in a new community of scholars
Summer retreats Student shares personal issues around a selected theme
Annual TAMUS-AGEP Conference Students work side-by-side and develop bonds
SNFALb Students work side-by-side and develop bonds
Piazza online chats Students freely discuss their ideas around a professional theme
End of the year celebration Student affirms interactions and feel warm about the community and themselves
SREBc participation selection Student expands network around their community
PI Collaborative Mini-grants Student receives financial support to work on their research
Participation bonus Student receives financial support for active participation in the program
AGEP Ambassadors Student receives financial support and develops leadership skills
Travel award Student receives financial support to present her/his research in a conference
SREBc participation selection Student receives financial support to attend the Institute of Teaching and Mentoring
  1. aPD professional development, CB community building, PI participation incentives
  2. bSNFL Summer National Fellowship Application Lab
  3. cSREB Southern Regional Education Board