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Table 9 Top 10 most accessed publications in 2018

From: Learning about research and readership development in STEM education: a systematic analysis of the journal’s publications from 2014 to 2018

Rank Most accessed in 2018
1 = A conceptual framework for integrated STEM education (2016)
2 = STEM education K-12: perspectives on integration (2016)
3 + The role of visual representations in scientific practices: from conceptual understanding and knowledge generation to “seeing” how science works (2015)
4 Strategies to mitigate student resistance to active learning (2018)
5 Assessing teacher education and professional development needs for the implementation of integrated approaches to STEM education (2017)
6 Understanding science teachers’ implementations of integrated STEM curricular units through a phenomenological multiple case study (2018)
7 Race and gender differences in how sense of belonging influences decisions to major in STEM (2018)
8 The influence of active learning practices on student anxiety in large-enrollment college science classrooms (2018)
9 A study of the correlation between STEM career knowledge, mathematics self-efficacy, career interests, and career activities on the likelihood of pursuing a STEM career among middle school students (2018)
10 + STEM learning through engineering design: fourth-grade students’ investigations in aerospace (2015)