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Table 7 Top 10 most accessed publications in 2014 and in 2015

From: Learning about research and readership development in STEM education: a systematic analysis of the journal’s publications from 2014 to 2018

Rank Most accessed in 2014* Most accessed in 2015
1 A comparative analysis of the relationship between learning styles and mathematics performance (2014) = A comparative analysis of the relationship between learning styles and mathematics performance (2014)**
2 The 23rd ICMI study: primary mathematics study on whole numbers (2014) + Planning and carrying out investigations: an entry to learning and to teacher professional development around NGSS science and engineering practices (2014)
3 International Journal of STEM Education—a platform to promote STEM education and research worldwide (2014) The landscape of PreK-12 engineering online resources for teachers: global trends (2015)
4 Investigation about representations used in teaching to prevent misconceptions regarding inverse proportionality (2014) Learning to teach scientific practices: pedagogical decisions and reflections during a course for pre-service science teachers (2015)
5 Developing a computer-based assessment of complex problem solving in chemistry (2014) Exploring variation in measurement as a foundation for statistical thinking in the elementary school (2015)
6 Meteorology meets engineering: an interdisciplinary STEM module for middle and early secondary school students (2014) Teachers’ perceptions of students’ mathematical work while making conjectures: an examination of teacher discussions of an animated geometry classroom scenario (2015)
7 Mathematics and biology teachers’ tacit views of the knowledge required for teaching: varying relationships between CK and PCK (2014) Research trends on argumentation in science education: a journal content analysis from 1998 to 2014 (2015)
8 Diffusion of research-based instructional strategies: the case of SCALE-UP (2014) STEM learning through engineering design: fourth-grade students’ investigations in aerospace (2015)
9 Exploring the dynamics of organizational learning: identifying the decision chains science and math faculty use to plan and teach undergraduate courses (2014) The role of visual representations in scientific practices: from conceptual understanding and knowledge generation to “seeing” how science works (2015)
10 Understanding of high-achieving science students on the nature of science (2014) The importance of context: an exploration of factors influencing the adoption of student-centered teaching among chemistry, biology, and physics faculty (2015)
  1. *Access counts only in that specific year, not accumulated from previous year(s)
  2. **Title (publishing year), the publication in italic means that it was published in a previous year; “=” the same rank, “+” rank up, “−” rank down. The same notations are used in Tables 8 and 9