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Table 9 Instructional practice changes—nature of modification

From: A method for analyzing instructors’ purposeful modifications to research-based instructional strategies

Stirman et al. (2013) MIF Description of adaptations from Stirman et al. (2013) to MIF
Tailoring/tweaking/refining Tailoring/tweaking/refining No modifications
Adding elements Adding elements No modifications
Removing/skipping elements Removing/skipping elements No modifications
Shortening/condensing (pacing/timing) Shortening/condensing Changed to be not limited to modifications of the amount of time.
Lengthening/extending (pacing/timing) Lengthening/extending Changed to be not limited to modifications of the amount of time.
Substituting elements Substituting elements No modifications
Reordering of intervention modules or segments Reordering of RBIS modules or segments No modifications
Integrating the intervention into another framework Integrating strategy into other RBIS No modifications
Integrating another treatment into EBP Integrating another RBIS No modifications
Repeating elements or modules Repeating elements or modules No modifications
Loosening structure Loosening structure No modifications
Departing from the intervention Departing from the RBIS No modifications