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Table 8 Instructional practice change—level of delivery

From: A method for analyzing instructors’ purposeful modifications to research-based instructional strategies

Stirman et al. (2013) MIF Description of adaptations from Stirman et al. (2013) to MIF
Individual patients Individual Individuals were changed from patients to a broader group of individuals including students, teaching assistants, and researchers.
Groups Groups of students Groups were specified as groups of students.
Clinics/units Groups of students with similar demographics Clinics and units were changed to be groups of students with similar demographics (e.g., ethnicity, gender, student major).
Individual practitioners Individual instructors Practitioners were modified to be instructors.
Hospitals All or subset of faculty teaching the same course Hospitals were changed to be all the faculty teaching different sections of the same course.
Networks Entire department Healthcare networks were changed to be the entire department in which the RBIS is implemented.
Systems Entire university or system/consortia of universities Healthcare systems were changed to the entire university or a system or consortia of universities.