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Table 3 Instructional practice changes—level of delivery codes

From: A method for analyzing instructors’ purposeful modifications to research-based instructional strategies

Stirman framework MIF level of delivery code Description (MIF) Example
Individual Individual Modification is made for a single person. Moving a female-identified student to a group with two male-identified students at her request when the model recommends having female students paired in groups. (Model)
Groups Group of students Modification is made for small groups within the classroom. Regrouping specific students with group dynamics difficulties. (Model)
Clinics/units Demographic group of students Modification is made for a particular demographic, social group, or for people with a particular defining trait. Adding course content and contexts relevant to the students’ majors (e.g., biology context-rich problems) to materials inherited from another colleague. (Generational)
Individual practitioner Individual instructors Modification is made for all students in the instructor’s courses. An instructor using a different textbook than their colleague in all of their courses. (Generational)
Hospitals Instructors teaching the same course Modification is made for all instructors who teach a particular course at a particular time. Changing all the sections of the same course to cover the same content with the same pacing. (Semester to semester)
Networks Entire department Modification is made for an entire department. An entire department begins implementing an LA program for all of their courses. (Semester to semester)
Systems Entire university or system/consortia of universities Modification is made for an entire campus or group of universities. Campus-wide initiative to start using clickers in class. (Semester to semester)