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Table 2 Context change codes

From: A method for analyzing instructors’ purposeful modifications to research-based instructional strategies

Stirman framework MIF context code Description of code (MIF) Example
Format Format The RBIS is implemented in a different set up or composition (e.g., changing the student to instructor ratio). Using an RBIS with substantially more students than is suggested in the developers’ model. (Model)
Setting Setting The RBIS is delivered in a different location or environment than originally intended. Course is offered in a stadium-style classroom rather than in a SCALE-UP style room. (Model)
Personnel Personnel The RBIS is implemented by different instructors, staff, TAs, or other personnel. Graduate TAs are replaced with undergraduate learning assistants. (Semester to semester)
Population Population The RBIS is used with a group of people with different demographics and characteristics than was originally intended. The course is offered for an algebra-based course but the RBIS developer had only tested it in a calculus-based course. (Model)