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Table 10 Inter-rater reliability for the Modification Identification Framework (MIF): Gwet’s AC1 values (per code)

From: A method for analyzing instructors’ purposeful modifications to research-based instructional strategies

Code Gwet’s AC1
Instructional practice Level of delivery Individual 1
Group of students 1
Demographic group of students 0.97
Individual instructors 0.72
Instructors teaching the same course 0.97
Entire department 0.95
Entire university or system/consortia of universities 0.98
Nature of modification Tailoring/tweaking 0.92
Adding elements 0.96
Removing/skipping elements 0.92
Shortening/condensing 0.98
Lengthening/extending 0.96
Substituting elements 0.97
Reordering RBIS modules 0.99
Integrating another RBIS 0.99
Integrating strategy into other RBIS 0.98
Repeating elements 0.99
Loosening structure 0.85
Departing from RBIS 0.99
Context Format 1
Personnel 1
Population 0.98
Setting 0.99