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Table 3 Categories of barriers with the percentage of instructors who perceive each item (n = 584)

From: Perceived supports and evidence-based teaching in college STEM

Number Academic Percentage Number Student receptivity Percentage
 B01 The culture in my department prioritizes research over teaching 31 B16 I am concerned for my students who are shy feeling uncomfortable during group work 37
 B02 My efforts in teaching could be misconstrued as reduced efforts in research and hurt my career 16 B17 My students are not as enthusiastic about active learning as I thought they would be 26
 B03 My colleagues (senior) to me are not supportive 12 B18 My students will not appreciate having to work more in class 23
 B04 My colleagues (peers) are not supportive*a 10 B19 I am worried about my students who have a hard time focusing taking the group work off task 21
 B05 My department is not supportive 4 B20 I am concerned about my students who are farther behind getting discouraged when they are in group work 21
 B06 The SI community has not continued to support me 2 B21 My students will not appreciate the interactive aspect of active learning 19
B22 I am worried that my students will not cooperate with activities 15
B23 My students are not focused enough to engage in material without more class structure 14
B24 My students are not able to work at the level that active learning requires 9
Number Personal teaching Percentage Number Logistic Percentage
 B07 I have a hard time coming up with class activities* 26 B25 I do not have enough time to prepare class materials 58
 B08 I do not feel that I have enough knowledge to implement inclusive teaching (i.e., sometimes I do not even know what the correct thing is to say)* 16 B26 I do not have enough time during class for the activities 45
 B09 The whole process of redesigning my courses is simply intimidating* 13 B27 I worry that we will not be able to cover all of the required core material* 40
 B10 I am overwhelmed with trying to figure out what to do and I do not know where to start* 8 B28 I do not have enough class space for group activities 30
 B11 I am not enough of an extrovert to be so interactive with students* 7 B29 There is not money for class activities 15
 B12 I am more comfortable with my PowerPoints as they are* 5 B30 There is no money for clickers 6
 B13 I am not comfortable teaching in an interactive way* 4    
 B14 I am not comfortable giving students ongoing feedback because it might spur on uncomfortable interactions 3    
 B15 [Evidence-based teaching] is simply not my style of teaching 1    
  1. *Indicates the item is significantly related to implementation through a two-tailed Spearman binary correlation (p < .05)
  2. aUnlike other barrier items, this item is positively associated with implementation. One interpretation of this pattern would be that an instructor would not perceive their colleagues as unsupportive of EBT until he or she began implementing and discussing it with colleagues (i.e., implementation would proceed perceiving this barrier), resulting in a positive relationship between item B04 and implementation