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Table 2 Categories of supports with the percentage of instructors who perceive each item (n = 584)

From: Perceived supports and evidence-based teaching in college STEM

Number Academic Percentage Number Student receptivity Percentage
 S01 My colleagues (peers) are supportive* 58 S20 My students are teaching each other* 63
 S02 My department appreciates my efforts to improve scientific teaching* 51 S21 My students will cooperate with the activities* 49
 S03 I get support from my department* 46 S22 My students are focused and engaged in the material* 47
 S04 My colleagues (senior) are supportive* 42 S23 My students appreciate the interactive aspect of active learning* 41
 S05 I get support from the SI community* 36 S24 My students who are farther along in the material are encouraged when they are in group work* 22
 S06 The culture in my department appreciates effort expended for teaching* 27 S25 My students who are shy are comfortable during group work* 19
 S07 The culture in my department prioritizes teaching over research and my efforts are appreciated 12 S26 My students who have a hard time focusing are on task during group work* 14
Number Personal teaching Percentage Number Logistic Percentage
 S08 I enjoy being interactive with students* 74 S27 I have been able to find materials to help me with activities* 53
 S09 Having an active classroom is more fun for me* 64 S28 Clicker activities are a fun way to make my point* 45
 S10 The class is transformed into a lively space during group activities* 62 S29 I am able to cover the material without a lecture* 30
 S11 I enjoy coming up with class activities* 57 S30 I am able to cover all of the required core material* 24
 S12 I am getting to know my students better* 57    
 S13 I am comfortable giving students ongoing feedback and enjoy the interactions with them* 56    
 S14 I am excited to be figuring out new activities for class* 52    
 S15 I am more comfortable teaching in an interactive way* 50    
 S16 I feel as though I have a handle on the process of scientific teaching* 48    
 S17 Scientific teaching is my style of teaching* 44    
 S18 I feel that implementing inclusive teaching is making me a more sensitive teacher* 41    
 S19 I am more comfortable with an active classroom than with my lecture and PowerPoints* 32    
  1. *Indicates the item is significantly related to implementation through a two-tailed Spearman binary correlation (p < .05)