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Table 1 Categories for barriers and supports

From: Perceived supports and evidence-based teaching in college STEM

Definition/conceptualization Example items
Academic receptivity
 Instructor perception of support from their academic department and colleagues towards implementing evidence-based teaching Support: The culture in my department appreciates effort expended for teaching.
Barrier: My efforts in teaching could be misconstrued as reduced efforts in research and hurt my career.
 Instructor perception of the practical ease or challenge of implementing evidence-based teaching within their class constraints Support: I am able to cover all of the core material.
Barrier: I do not have enough class space for group activities.
Student receptivity
 Instructor perception of their students’ reaction to evidence-based teaching Support: My students appreciate the interactive aspect of learning.
Barrier: My students will not appreciate having to work more in class.
Personal teaching preference
 Instructor perception of alignment between their preferred teaching techniques and evidenced-based teaching Support: Having an interactive classroom is more fun for me.
Barrier: I am not comfortable teaching in an interactive way.