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Table 1 Professional experience and teaching assignments of 13 participating teachers at the two case study schools

From: Teachers’ roles and identities in student-centered classrooms

   Mathematics Science
Mature school Pseudonym Alan Bill Hillary Peter Jerry Paula Mark
Certification Math 7–12 Math 7–12 Math 7–12 Math 7–12 Physics 7–12 Chemistry 7–12 Earth Science 7–12
Teaching assignments 4- Algebra II (11th grade) (Former PERC Algebra) 2- PERC Algebra (9th grade), 2- non-PERC Algebra, 1- TAS class 2- PERC Algebra 9th grade), 2-non-PERC Algebra, 1- TAS class (when in PERC) Math dept. mentor, 3- Non- PERC Geometry (Former PERC Algebra) 2- PERC Physics (11th and 12th grade), 1- Non-PERC Physics, 1- TAS Class 2- PERC Chemistry (10th and 11th grade), 1- AP Chemistry, 1- TAS Class 3- Non-PERC Earth Science (future PERC Earth Science), 2- Exploring Computer Systems
Experience level Veteran 2nd year Veteran Veteran 3rd year Veteran Veteran
Type of transition Difficult Easy None Difficult Easy Easy Difficult
New school Pseudonym Bob Henry Matthew   Alice Andrew Lily
Certification Math 7–12 Special education Math 7–12 Special education Chemistry 7–12 Biology 7–12
Teaching assignments 1- PERC Geometry (10th–12th grade) with Henry (content teacher, no PERC PD), 3- Non-PERC Geometry 1- PERC Geometry (10th–12th grade), 1- Non-PERC Geometry, 1- Non-PERC Algebra, 1- TAS class 2- PERC Algebra (9th grade), 2- non-PERC Algebra, 1- TAS class 1- PERC Chemistry (11th and 12th grade) with Andrew, 3- non-PERC Art, 1- TAS class 3-PERC Chemistry (11th and 12th grade), 1- non-PERC Chemistry, 1- TAS class 3-PERC Living Environment (9th grade), 1-Non-PERC Living Environment ESL, 1- TAS class
Experience level Veteran Veteran Veteran Veteran Veteran 2nd year
Type of transition Difficult Easy Easy Easy Difficult Easy
  1. Veteran = tenured and at least 5 years of teaching experience