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Table 2 Items that were removed from the VESAS subscales and their rationale for doing so

From: Development and validation of the Value-Expectancy STEM Assessment Scale for students in higher education

Items removed from the VESAS subscales Reason(s) for removal of item
Item 11 (Being in a STEM class would be fun for me) These 4 items were too similar to item 2 (I would take a course in STEM even if it were not required) and item 3 (I find STEM-related jobs very interesting)
Item 12 (The idea of being in a STEM class excites me)
Item 13 (I would enjoy taking STEM courses)
Item 6 (I would enjoy working in a STEM field)
Item 8 (I am not interested in a degree in STEM) These 2 items were too similar to item 14 (I dislike STEM courses)
Item 10 (STEM classes are boring)
Item 7 (I would rather do something else than take on a STEM-related job) This item was removed to improve the internal consistency of the scale