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Table 1 Undergraduate Research Experiences: Mentoring Awareness, and Perceptions Survey (URE MAPS)

From: Undergraduate research experiences: mentoring, awareness, and perceptions—a case study at a Hispanic-serving institution

Construct (response variable) Question Indicators
Experiences Faculty in this section refers to professors, researchers, and/or scientists at the university.
During your time at the university, how often do you do the following?
[Never, sometimes, about half of the time, most of the time, always]
1_1: Talk about possible research opportunities with a faculty at the university E_Talk_University Faculty
1_2: Talk about possible research opportunities with someone outside the university E_Talk_Faculty Outside
1_3: Work with a faculty member on an out-of-class research-based project other than coursework E_Work_University Faculty
1_4: Work with someone outside the university on a research-based project other than coursework E_Work_Outside
1_5: Discuss your career aspirations with a faculty member at the university E_Aspirations_University Faculty
1_6: Visit a research lab at the university E_Visit University Lab
1_7: Visit a research lab outside the university E_Visit Lab Outside
Mentoring For the questions below use the following definition for a faculty mentor. A faculty mentor serves as a guide to the institution and its culture, as a resource, as a research advisor, and as a career guide. It can be assigned to you as part of a formal program or you can seek out this relationship independently.
Have you done or plan to do the following before you graduate? [yes/no]
2_1: Work with a faculty member on a research project M_Work with Faculty
2_2: Ask a faculty member that engages in active research to be your mentor M_Ask Faculty
2_3: Join a mentoring program that includes research as component of the program M_Join Program
Do you have a mentor at the university? Open-ended
2_4: What mentoring experience has been the most significant for you at the university, and what has been the most disappointing? Open-ended
2_5: Has mentoring positively affected your attitude and perspective toward your major. If yes, how so? Open-ended
Awareness During the current academic year, about how often were you aware of the following? [Never, sometimes, about half of the time, most of the time, always]
3_1: Ongoing research performed here at the University A_R_University
3_2: Ongoing research performed in the department of your selected major (e.g. biology, physics, engineering, etc.) A_R_Department
3_3: Ongoing research performed by your professors A_R_Your Professors
3_4: Publications by professors at university A_P_ University Professors
3_5: Publications by your professors within your major A_P_Major Professors
3_6: Undergraduate research conferences/exhibitions opportunities at university A_UG R_Conferences at University
3_7: Undergraduate research presentations/ exhibitions opportunities in your department A_UG R_Conferences Department
3_8: Undergraduate research conferences outside university or within the larger field of your major A_UG R_Outside University
Perceptions To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements about research? [strongly disagree, somewhat disagree, neither disagree nor agree, somewhat agree, strongly agree]
4_1: Research is a relevant activity for me as an undergraduate student P_R_Relevant
4_2: Research is only for students that want to work in a lab P_R_ Want to Work in a Lab
4_3: Research is only for students that want to be scientists P_R_Only for Future Scientists
4_4: Research can help me learn more about my intended career field P_R_Learn about Field
4_5: Doing research is a waste of my time P_R_Waste Time
4_6: Doing research can help me develop important skills for my adult life P_R_Skills
4_7: Doing research is a lonely activity P_R_Lonely