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Table 2 Reliability evidence and example items for the MUSIC Inventory-middle/high school version and effort measure

From: The effects of an afterschool STEM program on students’ motivation and engagement

Scale No. of items α Example items
Empowerment 4 .779 “I had options in how to achieve the goals during the Studio STEM activities”
Usefulness 3 .921 “The knowledge that I gained in the Studio STEM activities is important for my future”
Success 4 .829 “I was confident that I could succeed in the Studio STEM activities”
Interest 3 .651 “The Studio STEM activities were interesting to me”
Caring 4 .696 “My Studio STEM teacher cared about how well I did in the Studio STEM activities”
Effort 4 .795 “I put a lot of effort into the Studio STEM activities”
  1. Note. See Jones (2016) for the full instrument, including instructions and validity information